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“They do make a glamorous entrance, rising out of the floor in a cage that glows with bright white light. Clad in chic black from their shades to their high-heeled shoes, they step out into a Cliffside hotel, looking sleek and younger than they are – by a few millenniums, give or take.” - NY Times



“…the show is filled with striking imagery: naked men, bare-breasted women, red roses as a tool of sexual pleasure that turns to pain.” - NY Times


“Hillary Spector, as the no-nonsense Diana, and Hwalan Shub, as the vulnerable Echo, are the most distinctive of the naiads, while Mr. Quinn lends Hylas a tenderness that is no match for these water creatures’ anger.” - NY Times


“John Jahnke and his company go Greek at BAM’s Next Wave Festival with the premiere of a work based on the myth of Hylas, a pretty-boy prince who went AWOL from the Argo, allegedly through an abduction by nymphs.” - Time Out, New York


Dryope – Tanisha Thompson
Diana – Hillary Spector
Endymion – Alexander Borinsky
Hylas – Sebastian Quinn
Cybele – LeeAnne Hutchison
Nomia – Melody Bates
Echo – Hwalan Shub

Script/Direction/Design – John Jahnke
Original Score - Fennesz
Set Design – Gordon Landenberger
Lighting Design – Laura Mroczkowski
Sound Design – Kristin Worrall
Costume Design – Ramona Ponce
Video – John Jahnke and Andrew Schneider
Production Video Design – Josh Higgason
Choreographic Consultant – Jordan Isadore
Creative Consultant – Bruno Llos
Stage Management – Karen Oughtred
Assistant Stage Management – KJ Morton
Production Manager – James Fry


Photos © Maria Baranova.
©2020 Hotel Savant
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