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Hotel Savant - Alas, The Nymphs... BAM Next Wave Excerpt

Hotel Savant - Alas, The Nymphs... BAM Next Wave Excerpt

Alas, The Nymphs… Excerpt: ‘Water. For Dinner’. Part of the BAM Next Wave Festival 2015. Script/Direction/Design Concept: John Jahnke Presented by Hotel Savant. Synopsis: Following a Greek king, Endymion of Elis, who abandons his war torn country for the safety of a cliff-side cave, the Men Go Down trilogy time-travels through the extended lifespan of the tormented ruler, a man who simply will not make a decision about how to handle his human responsibilities, and until he does so, cannot die. Alas, The Nymphs…, Part 1 of the trilogy, focuses on this initial abandonment, and the violent consequences of the king’s catastrophic disappearance. Pursued by his forsaken fiancée, the Naiad Dryope, the disguised king seeks shelter aboard the Argonaut’s ship. Suspecting his presence aboard the ship the nymph threatens the Argonauts, warning them that if one of their men dares enter she and her fellow nymphs sanctuary, he will be captured in lieu of the king. Fearful, the king orders Hylas, a young squire of Heracles, to the nymph’s cave for water, where he meets an uncertain fate. Length: 6:37. Featuring: Tanisha Thompson, Hillary Spector, Alexander Borinsky, LeeAnne Hutchison, Melody Bates, Hwalan Shub and Sebastian Quinn. Original Score: Fennesz. Set: Gordon Landenberger. Sound: Kristin Worrall. Costumes: Ramona Ponce. Video: John Jahnke and Andrew Schneider. Stage Video Design: Josh Higgason. Lighting: Laura Mroczkowowski. Stage Management: Karen Oughtred. Assistant Stage Management: KJ Morton. Production Management: James Fry. Video Document (c) 2016: Hotel Savant/Dancing Camera. Created in part through residencies at The MacDowell Colony, The Park Avenue Armory, Abrons Art Center and The Hermitage.
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