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"Opens with a bang... a gutsy postponement of the hammer blow that inevitably caps off Greek tragedies..." - NY Times

"...packages its enigmas in a viewer-friendly blend of racy tableaus and deconstructed language." - NY Times

"Jahnke's direction and design concept are stunning, and the realization of that design — is utterly breathtaking." -

"Like all of Jahnke's theatre, this is a feast for the senses: painterly stage pictures parade before us... our eyes and ears are overloaded with surprising, startling imagery." -

"An enigmatic pictorial construct: his stagings are often cool but sensuous... the language obsessed with poetic fillips." - American Theatre

"Jahnke is a masterful creator of theater... a Cecil B. DeMille of downtown experimental theater." - Backstage

"Intelligently wrought and provocatively sensual..." -

"You can count on everything from nymphs who have been with child for millennia, ghosts of slain Argonauts, heaps of cocaine and naked maids in blindfolds. " - The Gothamist

"Glossy tableaux..." - Village Voice

"Consistently filled with images of characters moving about the stage as if in an outre modern dance." - Theatermania


Endymion- Alexander Borinsky
Diana - Hillary Spector
Dryope - Tanisha Thompson
Hyla - Tim Eliot
Cybele - Liz Santoro
Morpheus - Michel Ingle
Thanatos - Melody Bates
Hypnos - Mikeah Jennings
Script/Direction/Design - John Jahnke
Set Design - Peter Ksander
Sound Design - Kristin Worrall
Lighting Design - Bruce Steinberg
Costume Design - Ramona Ponce
Choreography - Benjamin Asriel
Video Design - Taili Wu
Video Consultant - Andrew Schneider
Video Programmer - James Daher
Assistant Video Design - Rebecca Adorno
Stage Management - Karen Oughtred
Asst. State Management - Jesse Longman
Technical Direction - Nate Lemoine
Master Electrician - Andrew T. Chandler
Special Prop Design - Michael Mahalchick
Wardrobe - Irena Adler
Graphic Design - Kelly Milner
Website - Jonathan Clem
Box Office - Harriet Kulmala
General Management - Nina Kulmala


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©2020 Hotel Savant
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