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"The play is about the loss of control, but the production surely isn't. Never for a second do you not feel the firm grip of a director and design team working in concert with a consistent aesthetic vision... particularly evocative work." - NY Times

" of the highlights of the fall season at Performance Space 122." - NY Times

"Visionary... gorgeous and obtuse - bids its audience to engage in its often abstract imagery and ideas and to challenge assumptions about marriage, mores and theatre itself." -

"Dandy theatrical experimenteur... mind bending sex comedy..." - Time Out, New York

" extraordinarily visual sensibility." - Village Voice

"Stories are told backwards, sideways, and sometimes not at all... Recreating the era of the Mercury Players." - The New Yorker

"Compulsion dangles like a hoop, with Archery entering a crypt in Part 1, and into levels of converse and speculation seared in the ears by Worrall's hovering sine tones." - Brooklyn Rail


Reverend Kendrick - Richard Toth
Mercy - Hillary Spector
Orpha - Carey Urban
Dory - Alexander Borinsky
Sexton - Jeff Worden

Written & Directed by John Jahnke
Soundscape by Kristin Worrall
Video Design by Andrew Schneider
Set Design by Peter Ksander
Lighting Design by Miranda K. Hardy
Costumes by Carlos Soto
Stage Management Jackie D. Young
Asst. Stage Management D. Westerholm


Photos ©
©2020 Hotel Savant
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