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Funeral Games was presented in performance workshop form at The Public Theater in the Ansbacher Theater.


Achilles - Chad Jacobson

Patroclus - Nicholas Gray

Thetis - Nicole Halmos

Fury #1- Gregory Marcel

Fury #2 - Tanisha Thompson

Fury #3 - Todd Butera

God 1A - Okwui Okpokwasili

Helen of Troy - Kathryn Gracey

Young Achilles - Matthew Bondy

Young Patroclus - Gardiner Comfort

Dancers (Video) - Benjamin Asriel Ford

                        Ryan Lawrence

                        Jonathan Jacquez

                        John Jahnke

                        Hillary Spector

                        Calder Singer

                        Justin Jacobs

                        Tim Eliot

                        Tanisha Thompson

                        Tyler Asley

Written and Directed by John Jahnke

Original Score - Joshua Fried

Video - John Jahnke and Aaron Rhyne

Movement - Hillary Spector

Lighting - Andrew Hill

Costumes - Pilar Limosner

Masks - Carina Cass

Swings - Grant Neale

Stage Management - Karen Oughtred

Assistant Stage Management - Sunny Paige

Photo © Josef Astor
©2020 Hotel Savant
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